"The chart is talking, learn how to listen"

The Talking Chart

Uncover The Secret Message Behind Price Action

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Most frequent questions and answers

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This checklist is created to help The Talking Chart readers. It shows sample steps on how to apply the knowledge from the book

It is not a trading system. It is a simple checklist showing a process which can be included in your trading system. 

Read a Chart Now!

Any chart! 

No matter if it is S&P500, Crude Oil, Gold or any other instrument. If it is trading and has a chart, you’ll be able to read it.

That is what you’ll find in that book, a completely new way to read a chart. It starts by finding the base case. Then the book will build your knowledge to the point where you’ll be able to:

– recognize all kinds of candlesticks (bar) shapes.
– judge how their size affects their behaviour.
– see the interactions between separate candlesticks (bars).
– find if there are any catalysts which can increase the validity of the signal.
– form trading patterns on your own.
and many more…

No! This is not mumbo jumbo or something you can easily find on the internet! This is not something that works only in theory!

Everything in the book is proven!

Proven with real trades, I am using this method since 2007. Also proven with backtests. Especially for the book, thorough backtesting of all techniques and patterns was made. Inside the book, you will find the probabilities for all the patterns.

No matter what you trade: Currencies, Stocks, Bonds, Commodities

No matter if you are Day Trader, Short-term or Swing Trader.

This book will bring improvements to your trading.

And if things like price action trading, Japanese candlesticks, and chart reading are close to your heart, you gonna love it!

The book is written understandably. Only candlestick charts are used for all examples. All real charts shown are from instruments available for every trader – Gold, S&P500, EURUSD, Crude OIl, etc. The book’s main idea has to be very easy to understand.

The only difficulty I expect readers to have is to memorize the different chart letters and what they mean for the current and the periods that will follow. It is not difficult, it just needs practice. Here the checklist will help a lot.

A short-term trader in commodities and a specvestor in stocks, Vassil Banov has been crawling the financial markets for nearly two decades.

During this time there is not much he didn’t do. Author of books and publications, market commentator, director of a brokerage company, certified financial advisor, co-founder and chairman of Traders Association and a startup Founder.

But among this, his passion was and will always be the trading.

Starting as a Forex trader, his journey taught him the patience of the booming stock market, the great opportunities arising in the busts, the quick reactions in the fast-moving futures and the power of options.

But no matter how many theories and concepts he tried one thing didn’t change. He stayed true to what gave him his first stable results – the price action trading. The constant collision of the market driving forces with pure randomness and powerful emotions only to create a single piece of the chart has always fascinated him and driving endless efforts to study it and improve it.

Besides trading, his efforts are currently focused on the development of the innovative educational platform www.PieceofTrading.com where he teaches traders his market understanding and proprietary trading techniques.

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