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Use Price Action To Make Better Entries and Exits

This book is focused on improving your price action knowledge 

What You'll Get

PDF version

Actionable Tips on how to improve entries and exits:

  • 30+ size and shape candlestick combinations that give meaning to any price action pattern
  • 2 very essential price action catalysts and the reasons why it is better to trade with them
  • Learn when to expect a big day –  when traders maximise their profits 
  • Learn which candlestick suggests top and which suggests bottom
  • 50+ tested probabilities of what is next to come
  • Learn how to read a chart + example of how to read the most recent Bear Market

PDF + Video Upgrade + Cheatsheet

Everything from PDF version plus:

  • Video explanation of key book moments to improve your understanding and ability to read charts
  • S&P500 1xN Short Signal explained
  • Tricks & Patterns not included in the book
  • Complex S&P500 buy signal explained step by step
  • How to trade Crude Oil, even below ZERO
  • STRESSFUL EURUSD short trade
  • Cheatsheet – all numbers and shapes in one page

45 minutes of pure Price Action Trading + 1-page Cheatsheet

What People Say?

The book is useful for finding good trades, but for me, the most useful information was how long to keep my position open based on what the chart is telling me
Anton N.
That's what I call a real improvement of the classical theory. The logic behind price action is explained so well that you feel ready to read any chart
Tudor D.

About the Author

Vassil Banov

A short-term trader in commodities and a specvestor in stocks for nearly two decades.  Starting as a Forex trader, his journey taught him the patience of the booming stock market, the great opportunities arising in the busts, the quick reactions in the fast-moving futures and the power of options. But no matter how many theories and concepts he tried one thing didn’t change. He stayed true to what gave him his first stable results – the price action trading

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Customers reviews

If you want to be able to calculate the probabilities about where the market will go next, take this book. In a very simple and original way, the author is describing how to read any market situation.
I think that this book is one of the best explanations, I have seen so far, about how to take advantage in trading while using only the chart and nothing else.​
It explains how to find an entry signal during the formation of the daily candle. Which candlestick shapes are better for that and which not.​

Screenshots from the Book and Video

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