300 (out of 1014) Ways to Improve Your Trading

"I Wish I Knew All That When I Was Starting"

Success-defining question for traders struggling to get above the zero line and stay there.

If there was a way to improve your results by trading THE RIGHT instrument at THE RIGHT time without the confusion of where to enter, how big your stop should be, will it hit my target…

Would you finally feel confident enough to make learning to trade your #1 priority? 


#1 You’ll get proven lessons, used by real traders in real trades.

The piece of Trading is different! Pieces are focused on providing you with logical, tested methods which to:

✔ improve your current trading style

✔ show you a new, doable trading style.


#2 Every piece contains only useful information on a specific topic.

Have you ever bought a course and did not finish it? It’s not your fault!

Trading is very dynamic and the last thing you need is 32 hours of video education.

Instead, Piece of Trading cuts the fluff for you. Thus every piece becomes fast and easy to absorb a portion of information, which immediately can be applied to your trading.


#3 You’ll instantly get access to 300+ pieces.

Piece of Trading has more than 300 pieces (and counting). Arranged in a special PieceBoard with many ways for you to find the exact information you are looking for.

Whether you want to learn about cryptocurrencies or how to improve entries or exits, maps, search bar and ratings will help you find what you are looking for.

All pieces will stay available for your future reference. So anytime in the future when you face an unknown market situation you’ll be able to quickly see all the information pieces have about it. Then easy navigate into those uncharted waters.


Our Educational Pieces Got 5 Starts From Traders Just Like You

It was somewhere in 2013 when I realized that:

  • Trading knowledge is bigger than the storage capacity of any human brain
  • You forget what you don’t use
  • We lose great research and improvement opportunities because of lack of time.

That is when I began to write each little thing I find useful for trading.

Everything which might lead to further improvement of trading results was carefully examined, tested and written understandably.

Since then I have written over 1000 pieces.

They are explaining how markets really work. How to generate quality trading ideas and which product is the right choice to trade them. 

Many pieces focus on the whens and hows of entries and exits (in their pleasant and unpleasant appearances)

With pieces, you’ll go deeper into the magic surrounding such serious topics like risk and money management

And other things like the art of learning, position sizing and many more.

During those years I had many opportunities to test, improve and validate those pieces in a real market environment.

I also noticed the positive effect a single piece can have on other traders when told at the right time.

People found it very useful to learn stuff like:

✔ 3 elegant ways to avoid stop hunting

✔ a single technique can improve indicator-based entries with more than 30%

✔ a way options can improve the risk-reward ratio

✔ that there is a single best trading instrument

✔ 22 ways to better use the Relative Strength Index (RSI)

More examples can be presented here, but the message is clear:

Those 1000+ pieces are presenting solutions to many trading problems.

And now you can benefit from them too!

Learn How To Trade Better ... From Real Traders

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What’s the Biggest Problem in Your Trading Right Now?

Finding which markets are ready to explode

Where to place your stop

How to improve the Risk/Reward ratio

Which indicators to use

Making fundamental analysis useful

Should you use Trailing stop, Targets or exit signal to close your position

How to increase the size of your trades

How are you going to solve those problems?

Well, you could buy a $3,000 course with endless modules and countless hours of video.

You could read 100 books. But were they written by REAL traders, trading with REAL money? Or by FAKE ones, who are only pushing you towards that 3,000 dollar course?

You could just keep doing what you’re doing and hope that it will start to work, eventually.

You could Google “learn to trade” and see how that works out

...Or, You Could Copy the Solutions Other Successful Traders Use To Solve the Same Problems in Their Trading

Picture this:

You know exits are your biggest problem. But instead of spending months on trying out unproven exit strategies, you just head over to Piece of Trading.

Then you search for “How To Close a Position”

You will instantly see 5 (and growing) pieces, each one teaching you a different exit technique and when is the proper time to use it. Choose one and start learning.

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Here’s What You Get…

#1 Insights To Help You Think Like a Top-Performing Hedge Fund Manager

You will know your goals, your upside and your downside at every single moment. You won’t be fooled by randomness, emotions or bad influence.

#2 Take Action Like Your Trading Heroes With Calm and Precise Moves

When the time comes you will act with calm and precision. You won’t let anything distract you.

#3 Trading Library At Your Fingertips

An enormous trading library which will reach over 1000 very specific trading lessons. Where you’ll be able to:

– Instantly find what you are looking for with the search option
– follow a curated path presented by a Map
– explore other traders’ favourite pieces by checking the ranking system
– and much more!

Here is What Others Are Saying About
"Vassil is a person who is always trying to help traders in any way he can. I can speak of many cases where he’s doing exactly this. I believe that Piece of Trading is created with the same idea in mind."
Konstantin Mikov
Mikov & Attorneys
"Excellent Bitcoin analysis"
Marc Raffard
"Passionate trader, tirelessly searching for the next global recession. This is how I can describe Vassil. With his energy, expertise and the usual in-depth research, I am sure that Piece of Trading will be a very useful place to learn."
Ioannis Kantarzis,
TRADERS' Magazine
"Vassil is a real-life inspiration for every trader. His great professionalism, in-depth expertise and out of the box thinking make him very adaptable in the ever-increasingly complex and hectic market. That's why I’m absolutely confident that Piece of Trading will be an indispensable learning tool for both inexperienced traders and for those with more advanced knowledge and skills."
Todor Dunev
Stocks & Commodity trader
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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I make BIG MONEY with this?

Trading is not for everyone. If you are looking for a get rich quick scheme, you better look elsewhere.

Besides knowledge (what we offer) successful trading requires hard work, discipline and control of emotions. After you get the knowledge it will be up to you to do the hard work and be disciplined enough, to put that knowledge into practice.

And never forget that emotions trump knowledge.

Is there a guarantee?

Absolutely! If you aren’t happy, just let us know. Our team will promptly and courteously cancel your subscription.

Why pay for more than one month?

Markets are constantly changing. So is the knowledge about them. That is why is regularly updated.

Every month new pieces are being added. That means a lot of new knowledge will be available for you to learn.

Subscribing for only one month would mean that you will lose the opportunity to learn all the valuable insights and educational pieces that will be added in the next month.

What’s the difference between Free Trial and Paid Membership?

The only difference is that the free trial is only 3 days. During those days you will get full access to There is no other difference

Why the free trial is so short? Only 3 days?

Its main purpose is to see if it is right for you.

You have three days to answer the following:
– how do you find the trading knowledge?  I don’t have any doubt about this. You are going to love it 🙂
– how do you find the educational platform? It is specially designed for better and faster learning. But it’s new. It is something you have never seen before. And may require time to get used to it.

Will 3 days be enough to answer those questions?

Definitely! Actually, you’ll be amazed at how many new things you will learn during those 3 days.

Why there is such a big difference between Monthly and Annual plans?

The annual subscription will always be significantly cheaper compared to paying month by month because we want serious students. Serious students become serious traders.

Let’s be honest. You can’t learn to trade in one month. Also not possible to learn in a month or two everything that has to offer.

That is why we lowered the price for the annual subscription and made it:

✔ affordable for everyone
✔ significantly lower than the value, it provides

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