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This is a personal message to you.

A message of appreciation.

It’s been sometime now since I’ve started this journey. It began with the idea to share knowledge. To share some of the things I’ve been using for well over 13 years.

The chosen way of doing that was by writing a book. A simple, short book which to show, not just tell bedtime stories, but to demonstrate how price action really works.

The book was accepted well, and soon there was a demand for more. I was asked about more books, more patterns, videos courses, even mentorship. People were eager to learn more.

Following this, a video was created to support the book.

Now, the Talking Chart Facebook page has more than 10,000 followers, the book has a 4.2 of 5 stars on Amazon, and 5 of 5 stars on GoodReads.

With time the demand grew. And it is a market principle that when there are more buyers the market makers increase the price to see will there be buying at higher prices.

Since I play the role of being the market maker of The Talking Chart book, I intend to do just that, increase the prices form their current levels of $9.95.
How up can the price go, depends on the demand. Some of the price action books are currently selling above $50. Can The Talking Chart reach such levels? I don’t know. I will start to gradually increase prices and will see how the market handles it. 

But before I do that I am going to lower the price even more. 

Only once and only for a short periodjust for YOU! 

Take it as a special price at which a large hedge fund is being filled right before the uptrend starts 🙂 

This is a way for me to say thank you for being a supporter and a follower. That means a lot to me. 

This won’t be advertised or mentioned anywhere else. It is just for you, and it will be available for 72 hours only

What’s the new price? 

It is $1.99 for the book and $4.95 for the book and Video upgrade.

It is more than a 50% discount off the current price. But only if you take action in the next 72 hours. That’s Friday, May 22. After that, the price will reach an all-time high.

Now the question is do you want to speak the language of the charts?

Then get this special deal before it expires.

PDF + Video Upgrade

$ 4
  • Full PDF Version
  • 45-minute Video Upgrade
  • MORE Tricks & Patterns
  • More Examples
  • Better Understanding
  • Get The Maximum

PDF Download

$ 1
  • Instant Download. Start reading in less than 5 minutes and improve your trading abilities ​

Customers reviews

If you want to be able to calculate the probabilities about where the market will go next, take this book. In a very simple and original way, the author is describing how to read any market situation.
I think that this book is one of the best explanations, I have seen so far, about how to take advantage in trading while using only the chart and nothing else.​
It explains how to find an entry signal during the formation of the daily candle. Which candlestick shapes are better for that and which not.​


#1 Why am I doing this?
It is a way for me to say thank you for your support. But it is also a way to support you. I strongly believe that what is in the book and video can help you. And I believe everyone should have it. Everyone should have access to knowledge which can help him/her reach their goals.

#2 If everyone should have it why not release it for free?
If you purchase the book and read the Acknowledgments part, you’ll see that I am expressing my gratitude to people who helped me without asking for anything. That made me a believer in the FREE idea.

But later, I got involved in a trading project where I was helping traders in various ways. Absolutely for free, even I had to spend my own money on it. What I’ve realised is that free doesn’t always work. Especially in trading where everything is money.

When something is free of charge people think it is worthless and they don’t pay attention. I don’t know why. Probably this is how today’s world works – one needs to invest money in something to expect something from it. Is it right or wrong is another debate, but this is how this world works now.

That is why I am putting such a low price, not to become the next richest person in the world, but rather to make you take this seriously as it is for serious traders.

#3 Is it perfect? 
No, it doesn’t work all the time, and for sure it has its bad days. But I am using it in my real trading for many years, even now as I am writing this I have an open position in S&P500 based exactly on this. That means something!

#4 What’s inside?
Inside is a way for you to understand how markets are moving. How market participants buy and sell. When the probabilities are

#5 If you believe so much in this book why selling it for such a low price?
As I said, I believe everyone should access to knowledge. But if you like you can wait and buy it when it reaches $20 or $30.

#6 How can the book and the video upgrade help me?
Those who purchased it are telling that after they’ve read it, they suddenly started to “see what the market is actually doing” and what is “the chart trying to tell them”. I know that moment because it was the same for me when I discovered that. I expect it will be the same for you. And even more:

  • it will improve your timing, entries and exits
  • you will know which is the most setup instrument. The one which is more likely to make the best move
  • It will certainly give you enough knowledge to impress your trading buddies
  • It will help you think like a professional trader

Screenshots from the Book and Video

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Great Choice but aren't you missing something?

This is a Book about TRADING. The better you understand it, the better your results would be!

Video Upgrade will give you MORE knowledge and BETTER understanding

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Great Choice but aren't you missing something?

This is a Book about TRADING. The better you understand it, the better your results would be!

Video Upgrade will give you MORE knowledge and BETTER understanding

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